Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring an Accountant

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Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring an Accountant

Accountants are an integral part of any business striving for growth and sustainability. They keep track of the details of every transaction a business makes and use the detailed information they’ve collected all through the year to prepare your tax returns in advance so that there are no last minute hiccups. Choosing to maintain your books yourself and do your accounts could also lead to mistakes and take up a considerable amount of time.

Hiring a professional accountant or bookkeeper is a way to gauge how well your company is operating while you continue to focus on growing your business. Once hired, accountants prepare and examine financial records, they ensure that all records are accurate and that taxes are paid correctly and on time. With professional accounting, bookkeeping, tax, advisory, and business consulting services on your side, financial mistakes are close to impossible to make.

To help you hire an accountant, that work with you towards achieving your financial and business goals, we have compiled a list the top five non-negotiable qualities your accountant should have.

1. Good reputation.

Ensure your potential accountant has an excellent reputation so you can be confident that you are getting the best accounting services. Also, trust is a vital factor when hiring someone for your company as you’re relying on that person to manage your business’s financials. Only a reputed accountant will be able to fulfill these expectations.

2. Excellent communication skills.

You will have to share every financial detail with your accountant and rely on their inputs and advice. Make sure the professional is easy to communicate with, is personable and easily accessible.

3. Team player.

It’s crucial that the accountant you’re planning to hire is a team player to ensure your task is never sitting on a desk, without being worked on. As a team player, your accountant will coordinate tasks and work well with the other members to ensure you get the best result.

4. Priced fairly.

Make sure the accounting services of the professional you are considering are reasonably priced. If you think that the price is too high and not worth the services they provide, approach someone else.

5. Customers’ best interest.

All your financial details will be with your accountant. Hire an accountant who looks out for their client’s best interest. They should never let any biased opinion affect a decision about a client’s work. One way to gauge this quality is by reading reviews and speaking with past clients.

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