What Makes Bookkeeping Bizz Stand Out

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What Makes Bookkeeping Bizz Stand Out

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About Bookkeeping Bizz

Bookkeeping Bizz is an office-based accounting company that also provides accounting services at our clients’ offices as well.

We started as a one-person home office business in a basement in February 2014 and have been growing and expanding since then. We now have an office with two regular employees working, as well as four outside professionals. We also have other professionals standing beside us to help our clients if there is ever a need. Being able to tell our clients that they don’t need to look any further as we can help them with all their financial needs has been one of the biggest goals we’ve achieved.

Over the past five years, we have been constantly engaging new technologies that are relevant to our services. We routinely review how we do things inside and change processes and procedures of operation if necessary to give our clients the best possible service.

We provide our accounting and tax services to Toronto and the GTA. However, we also have clients coming to us from London, Niagara, Ottawa and even Edmonton, Alberta.

The Bookkeeping Bizz Difference

We believe that every client is unique in their own way, as well as the way they do business. Their needs are unique when it comes to servicing them as well. We look at every client differently and advise accordingly. Clients choose us for our unwavering commitment to client service and efficient way of doing our job.

The fact that we provide services from start-up to filing necessary taxes which can help our client from start to finish, make us second to none! We have experience and credentials to help our clients with all parts of accounting. Once they come to us, they don’t need another professional to help them with anything else, as we take care of all parts of accounting and filings for them.

Our ability to understand what our clients want to accomplish in their financial lives and advise accordingly, as well as our detailed oriented approach is what sets apart from all of our competitors. We understand what our clients need and help them along the way. We make sure our clients know where they stand financially either in their businesses and/or personal life. We also work with other professionals that can give us the best possible help if our clients need it. To do this, we employ the latest technologies to improve the way we do things inside which minimizes the costs to our clients.

Our dream is to keep growing and expanding, and in the future, we would like to convert this office into a business where clients can get all the help they need in all financial areas by providing services in accounting, legal, financial, mortgage, etc.

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