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Our professional accounting team will bring you a high end expert service. We do everything for you, from book keeping, archiving, accounting, tax consulting etc.

Personal & Business Taxes

Ensuring knowledge of the newest laws, we take care for your business by providing a top quality consultants and managing of your taxes.


Don’t worry about your employees, we take care of your calm dreams by ensuring all the necessary paperwork and on time payments as well managing the salary’s.

Business Registration

If your business meets certain requirements, you must register your business and get your business number (BN). We‘ll help you navigate the business startup process.


We can help you with a variety of accounting issues ranging from year end statements and budgeting to getting your books up to date.


We take care of it all, from invoicing, archiving, legal paperwork etc. You can just dump everything on us and we will do it gladly. Join us, let us together build your future.


The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is an independent trust agency that administers compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario workplaces. Both workers and employers benefit from the WSIB’s help and support when it’s time to go back to work after an injury.

View the list below to find out who can expect to receive their tax slips by mail.

  • Individuals expecting to receive an amended copy of their OAS tax slips. You can include the amended copy with your tax return when you file it with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Individuals 18 to 25 years of age who receive CPP children’s benefits.
  • Individuals expecting to receive an OAS tax slips that have a negative monetary amount (i.e. Overpayment).
  • Individuals whose CPP payment consists of a CPP portion and an RRQ portion.
  • Individuals with negative benefit amount: amount of recovery is greater than the YTD of the benefit for the tax year.
  • Individuals who live in Quebec and are CPP benefit beneficiary.
  • Individuals with other recoveries: when the recovery is for other than a Service Canada benefit overpayment; i.e. stat set-off to CRA, Veteran’s Affairs, etc.

Includes Employment Insurance, pensions and benefits for housing, education, training, family and people with disabilities.


  • Family benefits
  • Education and training benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Housing benefits
  • Public pensions